puf - Parallel URL fetcher

What is puf?

puf is a download tool for UNIX-like systems. You may use it to download single files or to mirror entire servers. It is similar to GNU wget (and has a partly compatible command line), but has the ability to do many downloads in parallel. This is very interesting, if you have a high-bandwidth internet connection. See README for details (not very informative at the moment).
This program is based on puf v0.1.x by Anders Gavare.


download, tar xzf ..., ./configure, make, su root -c "make install", run & have fun.
Note, that it is probably a good idea to use GNU make, which is often installed as gmake on systems where GNU make is not the default make, e.g., on *BSD systems.
If you are lame, you can also use rpm -ta puf-*.tar.gz && rpm -i /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/puf*.rpm on some Linux systems. :-)


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